Commodore Edward N. Buchbinder Memorial Trophy

For most outstanding contribution to the progress of Belmont Yacht Club

Commodore Michael M. Gordon
Anchor Award

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Description: This magnificent 30-inch diameter Helmsman’s Wheel has been hand-made in its entirety. The wheel rim is of rare Chilean Alerece wood; prior to its carving it was one of only a few pieces which were harvested from remote sections in the mountains of Chile and exported to America in lieu of redwood. The handset dowel plugs decorating the wheel rim are of Limba, similar to blond mahogany. The Equally superb spokes are of virtually indestructible hickory to connote steadfastness.

Donated by: John B. and Nancy I. Mack, Belmont Yacht Club board members, in memory of Edward Nathan Buckbinder.

Selection of Recipient: The recipient of this trophy will be selected by the outgoing Flag Officers of Belmont Yacht Club with due consideration also being given to the suggestions made by all Past Commodores of Belmont Yacht Club and the trophy’s donors, John and Nancy Mack.

The trophy shall be awarded to the Belmont Yacht Club member who, in the final opinion of the Belmont Yacht Club Flag Officers, has contributed the most toward the overall furtherance, advancement, progress and well-being of the Belmont Yacht Club… in, above all, the spirit of unselfish and unstinting service, outstanding Club loyalty and unflagging co-operation, those special qualities for which Eddie Buchbinder was so beloved and which set such a shining example for others to follow.

If any Flag Officer is a likely candidate for this trophy, he or she will be excluded from the Flag Officer’ meeting for determination of the trophy winner. Ties to be broken by a consensus of Past Commodores.

Time of trophy Presentation: This trophy shall be awarded annual at that time at which installation of the Belmont Yacht Club officers for the coming year takes place. At this writing, this is understood to be the Annual Installation Ball in November.

Keeper Trophy: A Suitable smaller trophy, inscribed “Most Outstanding Contribution to Belmont Yacht Club, year, recipient’s name” will be presented to the previous year’s winner, for permanent possession, at the time the new winner is awarded the Helmsman’s Wheel Trophy. Keeper Trophy to be provided by Belmont Yacht Club and engraved by the Awards Committee.

The Gordon Award is a traveling trophy in memory of Michael M. Gordon, who was a Belmont Yacht Club Commodore in 1980.

This award is given each year to a member who has accomplished a navigational feat.

Goals vary for all of us. So the navigational accomplishment may vary from crossing Lake Michigan to circumnavigating the oceans of the world. This award has been given to our members for many different navigational achievements. The honor of this award is highly respected by our members and keeps us all striving to reach for higher goals and new triumphs in navigation.


Wiley & Merry Edmondson

2017 William Pinkney
2016 Jan Pasco
2015 Cathy Van Dorpe
2014 Fred Van Dorpe
2013 Mark Linenberg & Michael Bean
2012 Jan McMillan
2009 Dana Ott
2007 Jane McMillan
2004 Daniel Waters
2003 William Mania
2002 Jack Callahan
2001 Sondra Edidin
2000 Robert Moll
1999 Bertram Lewis
1998 Scott Baumgartner
1997 Scott Baumgartner
1995 Dr Howard Weisbart
1994 Morris Bleeckman
1993 Dennis Pratt
1992 William Pinkney
1991 Jerry Razowsky
1990 David A Russo
1989 Morris Bleeckman
1988 Bertram A Lewis
1997 Dr Robert Laff
1985 Robert & Sondra Goynshor
1984 Sylvia Gordon