Crib Race

On Sunday, July 11, 2021 for the second time, our club is running the world's least serious sailboat race.  Skippers' Meeting at 1:00 at the club ship J.B. Mack.  The race start will be at 2:30 at the Belmont Buoy.  Vessels will race under sail from the buoy to and around the Wilson Crib, and then back to the buoy, where all vessels will drop or furl sails, and proceed under power at a safe speed back to their slips.  All crews will then secure their vessel in her slip in a sea-man like manner.  Crews will then run to the Mack where each member will pour a drink (which may or may not contain alcohol).  The first crew to have every member finish their drinks, WINS!  We will then have a pot-luck supper.  Everyone should bring a dish to pass, and whatever they want to drink!